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ʕ• ᴥ - ʔ•✷˖*°࿐ ✷ φʕ•ᴥ•oʔ

(me tattooing you^)

Hello! Thank you for looking at my work and considering a tattoo from me, it means so much!

༺♥︎༻ look through my available flash below, I am open to adapting/changing my designs. 

༺♥︎༻ please read my booking policies + pricing info after you've chosen the flash you’d like from me. You can fill in my pre-booking form to apply for an appointment. email me at or DM me on instagram if you have any questions. 

♥︎ booking policies link here ♥︎

♥︎ pre-booking link here ♥︎



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morning of your appointment

༺♥︎༻ be sure to be hydrate yourself and moisturize the area getting tattooed

༺♥︎༻ dress for easy access to the tattoo area. Avoid tight clothes that will rub up against the tattoo after the session. You can also bring clothes to change into.


༺♥︎༻ bring a snack if it's a long session! Sometimes a sweet treat or a favorite snack helps with your stamina to keep going during a long session.  

༺♥︎༻ I am more than happy to provide water and refreshments. You can ask for as many bathroom or stretch breaks as you’d like! I truly do not mind and want this experience to be as comfortable as possible for you, even if it takes longer 

༺♥︎༻ you are welcome to put on headphones to relax and zone-out, ask me to play whatever music you’d like

༺♥︎༻ unfortunately I cannot host any additional guest

༺♥︎༻ if you arrive early, I will likely be setting up and sanitizing the station with gloves on. If you text me to let you in before your appointment time, I may not be able to respond. I will respond once I am done setting up and gloves are off

༺♥︎༻ Text me if you're running late or need to reschedule

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