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✷ booking process​ and policies 

༺♥︎༻ look through my available flash designs, I am open to adapting/changing my designs. 

༺♥︎༻ fill in a pre-booking form. I will then reach out with any additional questions and a request for a $50 deposit that will be taken out of your final total.

༺♥︎༻ after receiving the deposit I will send you my appointment form which has all my available dates listed. ​

༺♥︎༻ your appointment is not set until the deposit is sent and the appointment form is filled in



 ​༺♥︎༻ my rates are typically $110 for the first hour and $90 for the subsequent hours. Each piece has an approximate time it will take, though this is subject to change depending on size and placement. It may take longer or shorter than estimated on this page, and I will try to communicate a better estimate once I receive your parameters.


 ​༺♥︎༻ Let me know your budget maximum if you are unable to match my regular rates, I'm happy to figure out a way to work within your budget <3 


༺♥︎༻ I offer sliding scale prices for trans BIPOC and anyone with melanated skin.   

༺♥︎༻ also open to trades (especially tattoos) + opportunities to lend my work for mutual aid funding.  

​✷ design availability ✷

༺♥︎༻ I'm always open to adjustments, adaptations and customizations of my flash designs.


༺♥︎༻ some flash designs are repeatable up to my discretion, though I may offer a custom version of the design instead. I do not repeat customized designs.  

༺♥︎༻ Keep the size minimum in mind when you are thinking of placement. I can size up but cannot size below the minimum. Reach out to me if you need help regarding this! 

✷ customs 

༺♥︎༻ I'm always happy to customize pre-existing designs

 new customs (not derived from my flash) are closed/limited until after January 2024, if you'd like your idea to be considered when I open up my customs, please fill in this form. Filling in the form does not guarantee I am able to accept your request ✷


༺♥︎༻ Subjects I am excited to draw: insects, plushies, dolls, stylized animals, religious imagery, medieval art done in my style, weaponry, girls, medical illustrations, ribbons, abstracted writings, furniture, cakes, fairies.


please note ✷

༺♥︎༻ I will not re-book no call no show clients. If you need to postpone last minute for any reason, or are running super late, just lmk!

૮ – ﻌ–ა


♥︎ pre-booking link here ♥︎

♥︎ available flash designs ♥︎

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